Hydrogen protection of ultraviolet skin damage

  Protect the skin to prevent aging is a face project, if the skin is relatively white, adult age will often appear older than the actual age, mainly white skin protection is relatively poor ability to protect the body, the body is not exposed to the site will be completely different from the facial skin. Although I am not directly involved in the use of hydrogen to prevent UV research, but I cooperate with a number of institutions to carry out this research, has also been very concerned about this progress. I personally feel that hydrogen water beauty will give […]

Hydrogen water maker plays a great role in life

Hydrogen water maker plays a great role in life, you know? The following six suggestions, I hope to help you 1.  a water spray Hydrogen  water can be used at attaining. Small molecular hydrogen water can easily penetrate into deep skin to skin moisturizing effect. For a long time in air-conditioned environment, it is recommended to buy a small volume sprayer, so that the hydrogen water into the drink the rest of the spray bottle, used as a water spray. 2. Brewing infant formula milk powder 100% dissolved baby milk, more easily absorbed. The water is neutral, soft water, more suitable for […]