Hydrogen is the “smallest” antioxidant

  The body’s blood vessels, including capillaries are all connected to each other, about 100,000 km, can be around the equator 2 weeks. All in all, blood is delivered to all internal organs through blood vessels. What happens if blood vessels block blood? Medically known as infarct. As the road was blocked, no matter could be delivered. But hydrogen is a very small substance, so even though the blood vessels are blocked and can reach and play a role. The other is the role of the special organ – the brain. The brain is the most important organ for human […]

Hydrogen Water Maker–The secret of younger and more beatiful

All say that women are made of water, not wrong, not only the woman is the water to do, all of the world’s human beings are made of water, 70% of the human body is water, so that the whole human beings are made of water. Every day the body’s blood and water in the non-stop in the cycle, but also because of these cycles, we can be a healthy life every minute, a person who does not cycle, on behalf of the person is not in the world. One day the normal needs of 2000ml water, and must supplement […]