hydrogen rich water glass, hydrogen rich water knowledge of the production of reactive oxygen species

For example, reactive oxygen species are like exhaust gases from an automobile engine. If gasoline is compared to food, and then the air ratio as oxygen, then the exhaust gas produced by the combustion of gasoline is equivalent to reactive oxygen species. In this case, however, 2% of the food in the mouth can be converted into reactive oxygen by the inhalation of oxygen from the lungs and the digestion of food from the mouth. We breathe about 20 times in 1 minutes, and every time we breathe, we produce living oxygen in our body. The air inhaled at one […]

peroxy radicals – Olansi uncover the mystery of human aging

Oxidation is the most basic chemical reaction in nature. This phenomenon can be seen everywhere, such as the rust of nails and the peeling of apples into yellow in the air. Oxidation occurs in our bodies. Normal people breathe about 20000 times a day, inhale oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide. In addition to 98% of the oxygen consumed by the body as a metabolic fuel, 2% of the inhaled oxygen becomes a harmful substance – – peroxy radicals – by oxidation-reduction reactions. The harm of peroxy radicals to human body is to destroy cells, for example, it can make the […]

Health Benefits Of Drinking Hydrogen Water

There are so many people who worry about their drinking water choices. There are so many choices available but would it be best choice for them to choose Drinking Hydrogen Water on regular basis? Well, this is the question of so many people and the answer is – yes. This is the best choice because of many reasons. Below are some of the most common Health Benefits of Drinking Hydrogen Water which reflects the importance of this choice in your daily life. Helps in better neurological development: When the neurological development will be good then it will allow you to […]