Hydrogen clinical: hydrogen on bone marrow transplantation after the clinical effect of chronic exclusion is exciting.

Bone marrow transplantation brings hope to some patients with hematological disease. However, slow graft versus host disease is a serious fatal complication after bone marrow transplantation. The current lack of safe and reliable treatment of drugs. Navy General Hospital hematology Qian Li Ren attending physician in recent years to carry out hydrogen on this serious complications of clinical research, initially achieved satisfactory results, to the treatment of this disease has brought new hope. China’s hydrogen medical research scale is very large, there are already some hospitals to carry out the clinical study of hydrogen, but the formal clinical reports are […]

After liver transplantation, patients drink the magic effect of hydrogen water

Hydrogen medical industry development in full swing, this period did encounter a lot of cases of magical effects. In the daily communication sometimes also for everyone to introduce, but written in the text to be more careful. Because the accuracy and scientific nature of the case are not enough to control, easily lead to misleading readers. Taking into account the many readers, especially business readers and ordinary consumers, many times hope to introduce some cases, this can be used as a reference for the effectiveness of certain diseases, of course, there is the value of business advocacy. But I first […]

Fatness is an inflammatory disease, hydrogen anti-inflammatory is the basis of obesity-related metabolic abnormalities.

  This is indeed the latest scientific discovery. According to the “Science” website on Sept 15th, scientists have found that immune cells can treat bacteria like viruses and viruses. If lacking of such immune cells, animals will show high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. That is, some obese and diabetes patients with metabolic syndrome, may be immune to the consequences of defects. Yale University immunologist Vishwa Deep Dixit think this study is an important step forward, and the data looks very reliable. Scientists already know that fatness is related to inflammation. But fat cells themselves can produce inflammatory molecules, […]

 Hydrogen is a cell cleaner

Hydrogen not only promoted the birth of life, but also continue to appear its shadow in the evolution of life throughout the process. Many bacteria can produce hydrogen, there are many bacteria can use hydrogen as an energy source, we are more familiar with the large intestine is the use of methane and carbon dioxide synthesis of methane. Helicobacter pylori can also use hydrogen as an energy substance. Hydrogenic bacteria, which are prevalent in the soil, also use hydrogen as energy. Some low-level animals and many plants also have the ability to produce hydrogen. Because hydrogen is very easy to […]

hydrogen rich water glass, hydrogen rich water knowledge of the production of reactive oxygen species

For example, reactive oxygen species are like exhaust gases from an automobile engine. If gasoline is compared to food, and then the air ratio as oxygen, then the exhaust gas produced by the combustion of gasoline is equivalent to reactive oxygen species. In this case, however, 2% of the food in the mouth can be converted into reactive oxygen by the inhalation of oxygen from the lungs and the digestion of food from the mouth. We breathe about 20 times in 1 minutes, and every time we breathe, we produce living oxygen in our body. The air inhaled at one […]

the most hurt the habit of ovens – women must see, this is a lifetime thing!

Ovary is the source of women to maintain youth, many women spend their minds maintenance, but still may be invisible in the invisible to the ovaries, including some neglected abuse.   One, sedentary the most hurt the ovaries Expert advice: office women spend at least 30 minutes a day. 1, take the bus to work before getting off at two stops.   2, do not take the elevator upstairs, take the stairs.   3, work an hour after standing up to the appropriate activities.   4, when the TV broadcast ads, stand up and move about.   Female friends if […]

Hydrogen protection of ultraviolet skin damage

  Protect the skin to prevent aging is a face project, if the skin is relatively white, adult age will often appear older than the actual age, mainly white skin protection is relatively poor ability to protect the body, the body is not exposed to the site will be completely different from the facial skin. Although I am not directly involved in the use of hydrogen to prevent UV research, but I cooperate with a number of institutions to carry out this research, has also been very concerned about this progress. I personally feel that hydrogen water beauty will give […]

Hydrogen clinical: hydrogen water treatment of post-burn skin pigmentation

  After the burn pigmentation is an important factor affecting the quality of life of patients, has been more and more attention. But its mechanism is not clear. The general view is that the skin after the burns blood circulation disorders, local inflammatory irritation, leading to local metabolic disorders, melanocytes produce a large number of melanoma body, by the black cells after phagocytosis around the wound site caused by aggregation. For the prevention and treatment of pigmentation predecessors have been unremitting exploration, accumulated a lot of successful experience, but there are still varying degrees of pigmentation occurred. Studies have shown […]

Hydrogen is the “smallest” antioxidant

  The body’s blood vessels, including capillaries are all connected to each other, about 100,000 km, can be around the equator 2 weeks. All in all, blood is delivered to all internal organs through blood vessels. What happens if blood vessels block blood? Medically known as infarct. As the road was blocked, no matter could be delivered. But hydrogen is a very small substance, so even though the blood vessels are blocked and can reach and play a role. The other is the role of the special organ – the brain. The brain is the most important organ for human […]

Why free radicals must be negative hydrogen ions

Enough to clear the “oxygen free radical” must be atomic state “negative hydrogen ion”, rather than “normal hydrogen molecules.” Tests show that no matter how much “hydrogen” is injected into the water, how much “hydrogen” water is consumed can not play a role in removing “oxygen free radicals”. Because “hydrogen molecules” are composed of two hydrogen atoms together, the external electronic pairing, very stable, do not have to clear the “oxygen free radicals” role. To remove the “oxygen free radical” must rely on the “atomic” state of the “negative hydrogen ions” have a role. How to produce “negative hydrogen ions”, […]