why Olansi hydrogen rich water has the strongest antioxidant and reducing powers?

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Hydrogen gas itself is one of the best natural antioxidants, research reports show. Because the hydrogen molecule is fine, into the body can quickly penetrate to the body, and penetrates the cell membrane, which is very difficult to take away malignant active oxygen elimination, neutralization and water (urine) excreted, and will not affect other benign reactive oxygen species and body functions, the most important thing is to be destroyed, and the oxidation the restoration of cell. Of course, we can also inhale hydrogen to detoxify, but use water as a carrier to make hydrogen rich water to drink, hydrogen molecules can circulate through the blood to the whole body, can safely and thoroughly take away most of the harmful toxins in the body. The first time I read about the “water of water” (hydrogen rich water), I also find it incredible!

Drinking water naturally is good for the body and not necessarily related to hydrogen. Besides, do not eat more vitamins, drink green tea will be able to antioxidant it? It turns out that most antioxidants, such as vitamins, do not readily penetrate the cell membrane and do not target only the malignant reactive oxygen species, not to mention eating large amounts of vitamins, which are also difficult to store and absorb in the body. According to the experimental analysis, the antioxidant capacity of hydrogen and the ability to restore cells are by far the most powerful. Hydrogen -300-700 (MV) anti oxygen ability, which is in the 0 bit (normal balance level), the greater the negative value, the stronger the ability of anti oxygen, that is to say, the hydrogen within the cell toxin significantly reduced 300-700 units; as for the positive refers to the degree of oxidation (acidification), such as natto +36mv, Japanese radish +65mv, Green Tea +200mv, said their antioxidant capacity just to restore the cell health level, we think there is no so much help.

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