Hydrogen protection of ultraviolet skin damage

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Protect the skin to prevent aging is a face project, if the skin is relatively white, adult age will often appear older than the actual age, mainly white skin protection is relatively poor ability to protect the body, the body is not exposed to the site will be completely different from the facial skin. Although I am not directly involved in the use of hydrogen to prevent UV research, but I cooperate with a number of institutions to carry out this research, has also been very concerned about this progress. I personally feel that hydrogen water beauty will give white skin, especially white people to bring better protection.


Skin aging is the main factor of ultraviolet radiation, in which the wave of ultraviolet radiation on the keratinocytes of the greatest impact, can lead to skin cells release inflammatory factors, leading to skin inflammation and injury. In the strong sunshine for a short time we can appreciate this process.


UV skin damage two basic problems, one is inflammation, one is oxidative damage, two factors cooperate with each other, leading to skin damage aging. Hydrogen as an ideal anti-inflammatory antioxidant molecules, theoretically against UV skin damage. Hydrogen against UV damage in the past has been some research, such as China’s Nanjing Medical University and South Korean scholars have been studied separately to prove that the body with hydrogen water and local use of hydrogen water can be against UV skin damage. Tianjin Medical University recently studies have shown that hydrogen can be resistant to UV-induced skin cells to reduce autophagy. Cell autophagia simply by eating part of their own response to external nutritional deficiencies or injuries, is an ancient cell of self-protection means, cells by external damage, can be achieved by autophagy to reduce the purpose of inflammatory damage, cells can also pass Suicide way to achieve the purpose. This study found that UV can reduce cell autophagy, and hydrogen can maintain the cell of this self-protection mechanism. This study provides a cytological basis for hydrogen protection of skin UV damage.

Autophagy is a self-protection mechanism that is often a response caused by injury factors. Hydrogen itself is a protective factor, why can this damage caused by the reaction? Perhaps the hydrogen is not what we originally thought, just to protect the cells of the material, it may be a signal of cell damage. Hydrogen is a kind of damage signal, this reasoning is not enough crazy? Face unknown, you can cranky!

The use of hydrogen water can reduce the skin spots (there are cases, no academic evidence), as the Chinese women expect the whitening effect, you can choose hydrogen water. There are academic studies have shown that hydrogen water can reduce skin pigmentation after burn, which may be hydrogen against inflammation.

How to use hydrogen to prevent UV damage, the more simple is to carry hydrogen water, spray the bottle at any time with ultra-possible exposure to ultraviolet radiation spray. More simply rubbed with hydrogen water towel rubbed, but a long time to add new hydrogen water. Because the hydrogen is easy to volatilize, the concentration decreases, the role will gradually decline. If there is portable hydrogen water spray, it would be nice way.

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