Hydrogen clinical: hydrogen water treatment of post-burn skin pigmentation


hydrogen water cup OEM factoryAfter the burn pigmentation is an important factor affecting the quality of life of patients, has been more and more attention. But its mechanism is not clear. The general view is that the skin after the burns blood circulation disorders, local inflammatory irritation, leading to local metabolic disorders, melanocytes produce a large number of melanoma body, by the black cells after phagocytosis around the wound site caused by aggregation. For the prevention and treatment of pigmentation predecessors have been unremitting exploration, accumulated a lot of successful experience, but there are still varying degrees of pigmentation occurred.

Studies have shown that oxidative free radicals, intracellular calcium overload, microvascular injury, inflammatory cell infiltration and the release of related inflammatory factors play an important role in the metabolism of melanin. After the skin burns, the dynamic equilibrium of the generation and removal of oxygen free radicals in the body is destroyed, such as the ability to remove oxygen free radicals or the excessive production of reactive oxygen free radicals, resulting in oxygen free radical accumulation, causing oxidative stress. Hydrogen-rich liquid is a selective antioxidant, its main role is to selectively remove free radicals, reduce the production of reactive oxygen species, reduce oxidative stress damage. Reactive oxygen has a strong redox effect, and the cells can interact with various components, causing some membrane and enzyme function changes, especially mitochondrial membrane damage, leading to cell damage. Hydrogen is a field of active research in recent years, and many of the damage associated with oxidative stress can be better achieved by hydrogen therapy, especially for a variety of difficult to cure skin diseases is a good choice. Studies have shown that hydrogen can quickly through the cell membrane and organelles membrane, diffuse to subcellular structure, such as mitochondria, nuclei, etc., play a protective role. The mechanism may be: (1) hydrogen has a selective antioxidant effect, selectively reduce the hydroxyl radical and peroxynitrite anion concentration, but does not reduce the superoxide anion free radicals, hydrogen peroxide and in equilibrium NO level. (3) to prevent and delay the process of apoptosis, to accelerate the injury of the tissue repair. In summary, hydrogen may be followed by NO, HS and CO after another important biological activity of gas molecules, and at the same time has not yet found any side effects, in the disease prevention and control may have a unique development of the mouth. However, most of the research is focused on the observation of the phenomenon of hydrogen prevention and treatment of disease, the mechanism of its little research, is still in its infancy. It is believed that with the deepening of research, hydrogen therapy will be more and more applied to clinical.

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