Hydrogen is the “smallest” antioxidant

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The body’s blood vessels, including capillaries are all connected to each other, about 100,000 km, can be around the equator 2 weeks. All in all, blood is delivered to all internal organs through blood vessels. What happens if blood vessels block blood? Medically known as infarct. As the road was blocked, no matter could be delivered. But hydrogen is a very small substance, so even though the blood vessels are blocked and can reach and play a role.

The other is the role of the special organ – the brain. The brain is the most important organ for human significance, it can be said that the reason why people are the reason. Of course, the brain also has blood vessels and blood flow, but in order to make bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances can not enter, the brain has a special mark. Medicine called blood brain barrier.

Are there any people who have not had a cold since birth? I would like to have no such a powerful person! Have you ever been suffering from encephalitis and meningitis since birth? Should be very little. But bacteria, the virus is the main reason. In short the brain guarding the strict.

The size of the negative hydrogen ion (hydrogen atom + electron) is 0.1 nm. So it may be able to pass through the “water channel”. And vitamin C and beta carotene, the relative molecular weight than water molecules to ten times to ten times, is not through the “water channel”. In other words, such as vitamins and carotene and other antioxidant substances can not break into the tiny cells, only the water can easily penetrate into the elimination of free radicals adsorbed on the cell, and then converted into safe and harmless water , They are excreted

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