Why free radicals must be negative hydrogen ions

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Enough to clear the “oxygen free radical” must be atomic state “negative hydrogen ion”, rather than “normal hydrogen molecules.” Tests show that no matter how much “hydrogen” is injected into the water, how much “hydrogen” water is consumed can not play a role in removing “oxygen free radicals”. Because “hydrogen molecules” are composed of two hydrogen atoms together, the external electronic pairing, very stable, do not have to clear the “oxygen free radicals” role. To remove the “oxygen free radical” must rely on the “atomic” state of the “negative hydrogen ions” have a role. How to produce “negative hydrogen ions”, it will be imported into the body, remove the body “oxygen free radicals” to maintain the body “redox” dynamic balance. – Use of water to carry negative hydrogen ions into the body to reduce oxygen free radicals.

All the material is dissolved in the state of water is transported throughout the body. And only water, through the capillaries, whether it is the brain or bone, to the body every corner. If you can make the water with antioxidant properties, it can effectively improve the body’s oxidation state.

Blood from the heart out, flowing through the body, in the back to the heart, this process takes about 40 seconds. When we drink water, the water that is drilled is first supplied to the brain, and then it flows to the whole body, and it is said that it takes only a few minutes. With such characteristics of the material, only water. The substance dissolved in the water is selectively carried into the cell.

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