Olansi  interpretation of free radicals (reactive oxygen) – the source of disease

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Our biological system is mainly exposed to oxygen free radicals”. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the human body have some functions, such as immune and signal transduction processes. But too much reactive oxygen radicals can cause damage to human cells and tissues, causing many diseases. Such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson and cancer, etc.. In addition, UV, radiation, air pollution, smoking, pesticides and so on in the outside environment will make the human body produce more free radicals, making nucleic acid mutation, which is the root cause of human aging and disease.

As long as you insist on drinking rich hydrogen water every day, it will happen magically in a short time. Rich hydrogen water on the hands and feet cold, wet body weight, weight loss (obesity is also caused by moisture in the body), beauty (wash the face, with hydrogen rich water massage, will be more shiny) Diabetes mellitus, type II and so on have good curative effect, and can also treat chronic allograft nephropathy. Keep drinking water rich in hydrogen every day (because it is mainly through urination to expel harmful free radicals) that will have a pronounced conditioning effect on the body.

The difference between  hydrogen rich water on the market, the energy cup cup of tourmaline

Hydrogen rich water: (Japanese called water in water), will completely replace the alkaline water, a cup of tourmaline.

It takes little time to make healthy water! This product has passed the water testing, the most authoritative institutions to detect, you can safely use a year!

Same point:

1, can produce negative ions;

2, can make the drinking water alkaline (pH of 7.3-8.8);

3, can purify the water quality, eliminate residual chlorine;

4, mineralized drinking water, more than 9 minerals in water;

  1. Activate drinking water;

6, can make water into small molecular mass of water.


1, the market of the tourmaline cup cup makes the water potential energy value from -100 to -200Mv,

And hydrogen water generator can reach -500Mv, that is to say, hydrogen water generator made of hydrogen water, its reducibility is stronger than the market cup 2-5 times.

2, various energy cups on the market can not produce hydrogen and hydrogen water, or produce very little hydrogen. Hydrogen enriched water, made from hydrogen water generator, can effectively suppress skin aging, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and so on.

  1. Hydrogen water generator is easy to carry, easy to clean and light in weight. It can be installed in space cup or mineral water bottle at any time. Unlike a cup that does not clean well, even if the core is lost, even toxic substances are still in use.

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