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Oxidation is the most basic chemical reaction in nature. This phenomenon can be seen everywhere, such as the rust of nails and the peeling of apples into yellow in the air.

Oxidation occurs in our bodies. Normal people breathe about 20000 times a day, inhale oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide. In addition to 98% of the oxygen consumed by the body as a metabolic fuel, 2% of the inhaled oxygen becomes a harmful substance – – peroxy radicals – by oxidation-reduction reactions. The harm of peroxy radicals to human body is to destroy cells, for example, it can make the unsaturated fatty acid of cell membrane produce oxide, cause cell membrane loss and protease degeneration, thus accelerating the aging process of human. What is more serious is that free radical attacks on genes can destroy the molecular structures of genes and lead to genetic mutations, which can cause systematic confusion throughout life. That’s the mystery of why people grow old.

In general, life can not be separated from free radical activities. Our bodies move from side to side at all times, burning energy every moment, and the porters who deliver energy are free radicals. When these radical energy conversion is sealed in the cell can not run around, they are harmless to life. But if the activity of the free radical is out of control, more than a certain amount, the normal order of life will be destroyed, and the disease may ensue. So the free radical is a double-edged sword. Understanding free radicals and understanding the role of free radicals in the body are important for health.

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