Fatness is an inflammatory disease, hydrogen anti-inflammatory is the basis of obesity-related metabolic abnormalities.

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This is indeed the latest scientific discovery. According to the “Science” website on Sept 15th, scientists have found that immune cells can treat bacteria like viruses and viruses. If lacking of such immune cells, animals will show high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. That is, some obese and diabetes patients with metabolic syndrome, may be immune to the consequences of defects.

Yale University immunologist Vishwa Deep Dixit think this study is an important step forward, and the data looks very reliable. Scientists already know that fatness is related to inflammation. But fat cells themselves can produce inflammatory molecules, it is difficult to determine the cause and effect relationship between obesity and inflammation.


Yair Reisner, an immunologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, is an autoimmune disease that accidentally discovered the association between fatness and the immune system but not studying fatness. Perforin is an immune molecule that can kill the cell membrane to kill the disease cells. The Reisner team believes that certain autoimmune diseases, when the dendritic cells containing perforin can pass through the perforation of suicide. In order to verify this idea, they selectively knock out the dendritic cell perforin gene, and observe the autoimmune response of this animal.


The Reisner team used the traditional autoimmune disease model and found that these animals became fat mice and showed metabolic syndrome. Mice that whose dendritic cells lacking perforin is showing high levels of cholesterol, insulin resistance, heart disease-related indicators and high blood pressure symptoms. The T lymphocytes of these animal immune systems also change, and this new discovery is published online today (September 15, 2015) in “immunology”.

Animals lacking dendritic cells do not experience obesity and metabolic syndrome. Reisner said that these results suggest that the presence of perforin dendritic cells can maintain the number of certain T lymphocytes, perforin can kill the virus infected cells. He speculated that dendritic cells release perforin can also kill which extra T lymphocytes. When dendritic cells lose perforin, these T lymphocytes will over-increase, leading to inflammatory cell inflammation, metabolic abnormalities and obesity. Reisner says they are using human cells to validate this result, and if the results are the same, they will suggest an adjustable immune function for the treatment of obesity and metabolic diseases.


Daniel Winer, an endocrine pathologist at the University of Toronto, Canada, has published a paper in the Journal of Diabetes in January to prove that perforin is associated with insulin resistance, saying the latest study is consistent with their findings.They found that the animals whose immune cells are lacking perforin can easily induce diabetes if given high-fat diet.

Recent studies have identified the location of perforin-positive dendritic cells in this relationship. Indicating that immune cells in the occurrence of obesity and insulin resistance in the process has an important role. But even if humans have the same process, it is too early to use this idea to develop treatment.


In 2011, the Japanese professor of hydrogen medicine, Professor Tai Tian in the world famous magazine “Obesity, doi: 10.1038 / oby.2011.6” study found that hydrogen water can promote liver glycogen aggregation.

In 2011, the Japanese professor of hydrogen medicine, Professor Ota studied found that hydrogen water can promote liver glycogen aggregation,reported in the world famous magazine “Obesity, doi: 10.1038 / oby.2011.6”.

Leptin receptor deficiency in db / db mice, proved that hydrogen can treat type 2 diabetes, and also has a significant therapeutic effect to animal fatty liver caused by normal high fat diet.

It indicated long-term consumption of hydrogen water can reduce weight under the conditions of not reducing food and drinking,reducing body fat. That is, with weight loss effect. At the same time, animal blood glucose, insulin and triglycerides were significantly decreased, these effects and restrictions on dietary effects similar.

At the same time, animal blood glucose, insulin and triglycerides were significantly decreased, and these effects were similar to those with limited dietary effects.

In order to study why hydrogen has these surprising weight loss effects, they use PCR techniques to find that hydrogen can increase the expression of an important hormone in the liver, a fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21) that promotes the use of fatty acids and glucose The They also used oxygen consumption to validate the effect of hydrogen on metabolism

Studies suggest that hydrogen may be of potential value in the treatment of diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity.

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