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For example, reactive oxygen species are like exhaust gases from an automobile engine. If gasoline is compared to food, and then the air ratio as oxygen, then the exhaust gas produced by the combustion of gasoline is equivalent to reactive oxygen species. In this case, however, 2% of the food in the mouth can be converted into reactive oxygen by the inhalation of oxygen from the lungs and the digestion of food from the mouth.

We breathe about 20 times in 1 minutes, and every time we breathe, we produce living oxygen in our body. The air inhaled at one breath is about 500ml, and within 1 minutes about 10000ml of the air is absorbed into the body. About 20% of which is oxygen, that is, 2000ml oxygen, and about 2% of oxygen, that is, 40ml will become reactive oxygen.

In our body, if 57600ml is calculated by about 40ml of active oxygen per minute, then l hours are 2400ml, and one day produces reactive oxygen species. Therefore, as we continue to produce reactive oxygen species in the body, we are unable to escape the disease at any rate.

Nevertheless, we also have enzymes that remove reactive oxygen species in our bodies.

More representative are: SOD (superoxide dismutase), katalase (catalase), glutathionperoxidase (glutathione peroxidase) and so on. However, as we age, the function of these enzymes alone does not remove reactive oxygen species, which in turn results in disease.

In a medical book, he wrote, “people make about l million cancer cells in their lives throughout their lives.”. “If the age of cancer is 50, the age of cancer is the age of cancer, then there will be l million cancer cells in 50 years, 2 million in one year, and more than 5000 cancer cells in the body every day.”. We have to remove these 5000 cancerous cells every day, or we’ll get cancer or even die. What’s more, the most important cause of cancer cell production is actually reactive oxygen species. This is the so-called active oxygen is the origin of the “disease of the disease” argument.

At present, Olansi Healthcare Co Ltd is based on biomedical molecular hydrogen and quantum energy medicine two core technologies, not only become the international hydrogen Industry Association (IMHA) governing units, enterprises in 2016 by awarding the quantum science research China Management Science Research Institute for quantum technology research and development center, and a base of research and development in Guangzhou, and the formation of production, learning and research of the integration of science and technology joint research and development department and the Guangzhou Zhongshan University.

With the continuous development of enterprise technology strength, currently has the latest technology of biomedical molecular hydrogen technology research team and international leading energy implant devices, and hydrogen rich water purifier technology research and developed a series of products with many lives. Enterprises have passed ISO9001 international quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification; testing and certification of products through the national patent bureau, the National Defense Center, infrared detection of nuclear industry radiation testing center, Guangdong CDC and other authorities. In the future, Australia,Olansi will do our best to bring forth the new, and continue to build high-tech products closely related to life.

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