the most hurt the habit of ovens – women must see, this is a lifetime thing!

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Ovary is the source of women to maintain youth, many women spend their minds maintenance, but still may be invisible in the invisible to the ovaries, including some neglected abuse.


One, sedentary the most hurt the ovaries

Expert advice: office women spend at least 30 minutes a day.

1, take the bus to work before getting off at two stops.


2, do not take the elevator upstairs, take the stairs.


3, work an hour after standing up to the appropriate activities.


4, when the TV broadcast ads, stand up and move about.


Female friends if you can take some time to participate in physical exercise every week is better, especially to outdoor exercise, but also can let the body breathe fresh breath, is it better.


Second, the ovarian fear stay up late!


Women must avoid long-term stay up late work, long-term stay up all night directly hurt women’s menstrual blood, dark consumption of female essence of God, damage kidney qi, affect ovarian function.

The body needs a variety of hormones in the night the most exuberant, women often stay up all night will lead to changes in the body’s hormone environment. Once the lack of long-term secretion of estrogen, ovarian function can cause persistent amenorrhea, uterine atrophy, osteoporosis and so on.


The risk of early ovarian cancer is increased by 49%, and the risk of advanced ovarian cancer is 24% higher than those who often stay up to normal at night.


Expert advice: to develop a regular life habits.


Third, the ovary is most afraid of bad mood

People’s emotions relaxed and happy, pulse, blood pressure, gastrointestinal motility, metabolism are in a stable state of coordination, the body’s immune activity of increased secretion, resistance to disease increased, adverse emotions can lead to high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, ulcer disease and even cancer occur.


Women should be good at regulating emotions, the correct treatment of psychological conflict, you can travel, find friends to chat in time to vent bad mood.


Reasonable arrangements for the pace of life, so that living often, adequate sleep, work and rest, cultivate a wide range of hobbies, spare time planting trees, listening to music, practice calligraphy, painting, playing, etc., can be pleasant, , Conducive to health.

All women should see, check yourself!


Turn Obstetrics and Gynecology expert Proverbs: all the female friends around:

  1. Chinese women each year 200,000 people died of gynecological diseases, in fact, they are not dead gynecological diseases, is dead on their own ignorance, too do not understand their own, so they ruined their own lives.
  2. Female reproductive system is divided into two parts, part of the external genitalia, the other part of the genitals, genitalia from the pelvic, ovary, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina composition, external genitalia from the labia, clitoris, vaginal mouth, vaginal vestibule.
  3. uterus is an important place to nurture life, not pregnant when the uterus is so big eggs, once the pregnancy, the uterus like a balloon expansion, wait until the delivery, the uterus will shrink back, but also like a fist so big, this time The uterus is full of wrinkles and crypts, is no longer smooth, and these wrinkled crypts will be left in the garbage.


  1. how much garbage in the body in the end?


① Health and child’s waste – Amniotic waste, bad dew


② husband and wife living garbage


③ every month endometrial did not shed clean garbage


④ coupled with the endogenous body of the body of the body of the garbage, the garbage over time, the accumulation of mountains, over time it produced toxins, all diseases originated in toxins, that is why so now what fibroids ah, cyst ah, endometritis ah And other causes of gynecological diseases.

  1. Why did not people so much trouble? It is because of fertility, the last time the garbage out of the previous, no old garbage, coupled with continuous breastfeeding, breasts continue to clear, solid difficult to cause congestion, coupled with environmental factors, gynecological diseases are not so much now.
  2. know why women have longer life than men? Because the woman than a man more than a detoxification organ called the uterus, so easy to say that I removed the uterus, uterus and no uterine life difference of ten to fifteen years.
  3. Do not artificial choice Caesarean section, the woman’s abdominal cavity as long as the opening, must be hurt, because the woman’s abdominal parts have a very important part of the “cell hole” and then also in the uterus on a knife, caesarean section of her Of the uterus contraction must not yield good, her wrinkled fissure must be more than usual women
  4. menstruation more in advance, indicating that the more serious the phenomenon of qi, menstruation in advance will cause anemia, thrombocytopenia, do not ignore the menstrual period; if the postponement, indicating that cold cold cold blood deficiency, but also the most likely to cause Joint bad, Palace cold blood on the woman will bring a lot of problems.
  5. Cervical this place is generally invisible, two-thirds did not feel nerves, only by the uterus root a little bit of capillaries is painful nerve, that is, tell us once the cervical erosion, the second is no feeling, It is only three times to the husband and wife have a little bit of pain when life, the pain ten minutes, twenty minutes passed, and immediately no pain, so we often ignore this piece of women, and finally bring disaster.
  6. Acute cervicitis is generally caused by menstrual sexual life, menstrual cervix before the micro-Zhang, this time our capillaries are all in the expansion of the state, if the husband and wife will immediately let it congestion, congestion will produce inflammation , That is, acute cervicitis. Because the cervix without pain nerves, we do not have the feeling of women, over time to become chronic cervicitis, cervical erosion was twice the degree of development of chronic cervicitis is a serious symptom.
  7. cervical cancer with cervical erosion is exactly the same, the doctor can not distinguish with the eyes, and only to do a check – that is, slices, or biopsy to see if there is no cancer cells, if any, early to remove the cervix , The middle of the uterus removed, late sorry, to the West to report, there is no way!
  8. Women have only one kind of cancer without the best treatment period is – pelvic cancer. Cervical cancer, uterine cancer, endometrial cancer, including breast cancer have the best treatment period.
  9. So female inflammation as long as early detection, early treatment, early eradication, female cancer must be far away from us.
  10. Cervical cancer and breast cancer is now known as the two natural enemies, that is 35 years old to 50 years old is a high incidence of gynecological disease age, 30 years old – 40 years old is high-risk age, so the examination is too important! 30 years of age, once a year gynecological examination, if it is 35 years old, especially between 35 – 50 women, recommended gynecological examination twice a year.
  11. Cervical hypertrophy actually said no problem, the doctor said no problem is that there is no big problem like Anita Mui, not really no problem, cervical hypertrophy has been that cervicitis appeared, but not once again twice But for you, this time is the best cure
  12. Women have only one kind of pelvic cancer is no best treatment period, although the low incidence of pelvic cancer, but the high mortality rate, is also very terrible. So we recommend that you do not sit too much, and now the lack of sub-health lack of walking on both sides of the legs too little, sitting too much ass, pelvic inflammatory disease can cause pelvic fluid, and slowly develop into pelvic cancer.
  13. Many of our women know that after washing their hands, in fact, wash their hands before hand washing is more important. With age, we have two natural lines of defense are gone, the first line of defense is the hymen, the second line of defense is the PH value, pH began to weaken, the most vulnerable to infection.
  14. vaginitis is best cured, as long as the early discovery, because the vagina by our vulva recently, no posterior dome no ga ga dots, so it is the best treatment, do not delay!

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